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To Enjoy Your Winter Months

You Need To Prepare Your Vehicle

  1. Change the oil and filter, Check all fluid levels and top off, (as per mileage interval)
  2. Check all external lights and horn. Air up tires and the spare too.
  3. Test the battery condition, alternator output, starter draw.
  4. Check the wipers, replace as needed.
  5. Pressure test the cooling system, check all hoses and clamps, check operation of the thermostat.
  6. Flush and fill the cooling system.(every other year)
  7. Check accessory drive belt condition and tension.
  8. Mount studded tires if you use them, otherwise rotate the tires with the best to the front, clean and adjust the brakes.
  9. Balance the tires.
  10. Flush the brake fluid. (per maintance schedule)
  11. Replace the spark plugs. (per mileage schedule)
  12. Check and replace filters as needed.
  13. Check transmission operation and condition of fluid.
  14. Check the condition of the exhaust system.
  15. Check the operation of the shocks/struts, and inspect the suspension.

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Phone: (360) 379-0706
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